About me – Shylesh Sriranjan

Hello everyone

This is a post about me and my love for blogging. Most recently I have started a few blogs that I believe will be useful for people to view and gather what great information that they can out of it. If you want to know what the links to these blogs are, please send me a private message. You’re probably wondering why I won’t post the links here, well the answer is that it looks pretty spammy to constantly be putting links everywhere.

These blogs range from financial planning all the way through to my personal blog. These blogs are a hobby of mine and I hope to one day turn them into some sort of financial stream but for now they are just a place for me to  post useful information in a varying range. To communicate with people through these blogs is my main hope and they have recently begun to gain some huge traction.

If you are interested in guess writing in any of my platforms, message me.



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